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JNPR was appointed the PR agency for SAA for the period of 1 year. Our role included supporting the corporate communication objectives is to drive positive stories about the business amidst all the negative news the airline sees on a daily basis.

PR Approach and Solution:


A targeted media relations programme to provide a 360° view of the CEO’s turnaround strategy while building brand love by telling the untold success stories.


SAA celebrated Women’s Month with all-female crew
Selected media were invited to join the flight. JNPR extended media coverage by securing interviews and ensuring that social media messages were shared and reposted in order to ensure an integrated approach  

Pilot Profile:  Captain Mark Delport
Captain Mark Delporthas been a certified pilot for 38 years, spending 31 of those working for South African Airways. The Captain is one pilot who has had his fair share of air travel highlights. JNPR saw this as an excellent opportunity to tell his story and generate positive feel good coverage around the brand

SAA Voyager and Nedbank Introduce Cheque Card
February 2019 saw SAA Voyager and Nedbank come together to bring South Africans a brand new offering in spending i.e. the SAA Voyager Nedbank  Cheque Card. JNPR was tasked with securing media for the event as well as securing post event coverage

The SAA good news bulletin – The Window Seat  
With staff morale decreasing due to the increasing bad news around the airline. JNPR identified a need to create a “Good News Bulletin” in an effort to highlight the good news around the airline that may be missed due to the bad news that was dominating the airline at the time.

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