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The scope of work included PR support for the following areas of the business for over 4 years:

Nedbank Corporate – Overall reputation management and if required, crisis communications

Nedbank Retail – generate greater awareness for Nedbank's offering, launch products and new services

Nedbank Wealth - position Nedbank Wealth division as a thought leader

Nedbank Transformation – position Nedbank as a key role player - which is committed to transformation and demonstrate Nedbank‘s leadership within the transformation arena

Nedbank Green/ Sustainability - drive the sustainability agenda with all Nedbank stakeholders while assisting with embedding a sustainability culture amongst staff by applying external content internally

Nedbank CSI - position Nedbank as a bank that cares through its various CSI commitments

Nedbank HR –  position the HR division as a critical element of the Group, positioning the bank as an employer of choice

Nedbank Capital – position Nedbank Capital at the forefront of innovation, as a leader within the financial services industry tackling economic and other key issues

PR Approach and Solution:


Each division was treated as a separate client with focused plans and strategies.

With a view of activities across many divisions, JNPR was able to encourage added integration and synergies across divisions in order to achieve broader objectives and consistency in messaging.

Media were used as a conduit to reach key audiences. Our approach to media relations was targeted and focused in order to ensure the strongest possible outcomes.

The Results

Consistent ongoing media exposure and content generation which fueled increased awareness and media support for key initiatives.

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